About Us

Our Mission:

Dream Chaisers is known for our professionalism and trust. We service everyone. If you’re not familiar with the major aspects of real estate, and don’t have all the best information and resources at hand. We are here to lend ours. Our education and transaction services continue to thrive with unlimited resources to a rapid growing industry. Finding solid trusted professionals is a challenge in the real estate industry.

Life long learning pays dividends beyond the skills you acquire.

Our learning strategies prevent falling out of touch of an ever-changing world & industry. Our focus is to Instill the knowledge you need by focusing on 4 core learning styles, visual, auditory, reading and kinesthetic. We hope our highly influenced education will encourage you to never stop learning.

Meet The CEO

Chaise Sanders

Real estate has changed my life!

 As a introverted self motivated individual. With a desired career that challenged me to interact and socialize. Several years later! The real estate industry continues to encourage me to connect with people and enjoy the dynamic of building new relationships.

I found a love in educating my clients. There is a high purpose and need for knowledge. Real estate allows me to educate others while streamlining my career. Knowledge is to be shared and explored through all learning styles and with my skills I plan to make an impact on everyone who gives me the opportunity.


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